Ron Clark Academy House System

The Ron Clark Academy House System at TEAM Charter School

Welcome to the heart of TEAM Charter School's vibrant and inclusive culture – the Ron Clark Academy House System. This dynamic and proven approach, inspired by the renowned Ron Clark Academy, is designed to create a positive climate, foster character development, and enhance relationships among students and staff.


What is the Ron Clark Academy House System?

The Ron Clark Academy House System is more than just a structure; it's a transformative way to shape the culture of our school. Originating from the innovative practices of the Ron Clark Academy, our House System creates smaller, supportive communities within our larger school, promoting character building, academic excellence, school spirit, and a profound sense of belonging.


Unlocking the Potential: The RCA House System Advantage

1. Celebrating Efforts and Character: The House System at TEAM Charter School provides a unique platform to celebrate students' efforts and character. Recognizing and acknowledging accomplishments fosters a positive environment that motivates students to excel not only academically but also in their personal growth.

2. Empowering Academic Excellence: Through the House System, academic excellence is not just recognized but celebrated. Students are inspired to strive for their best, knowing that their achievements contribute to the collective success of their House and the entire school community.

3. Fostering School Spirit: The House System sparks a sense of school pride and spirit. From spirited competitions to collaborative projects, students develop a strong connection to their House, creating a united and spirited atmosphere throughout the school.

4. Enhancing Relationships: Building relationships is at the core of the RCA House System. By placing students and staff into smaller, supportive Houses, we create opportunities for meaningful connections, mentorship, and collaboration that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting.

5. Promoting a Culture of Belonging: Every student and staff member at TEAM Charter School is an integral part of a House, fostering a culture of belonging. This sense of community enhances the overall learning experience and contributes to a positive and supportive educational environment.