Middle School Curriculum

TEAM Charter Academy - Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders


At TEAM Charter Academy (TCA), we believe in providing a robust and engaging curriculum that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for success in an ever-evolving world. Our curriculum is designed to foster academic excellence, social-emotional development, and a passion for learning. Explore the pillars of our educational approach below:


Core Subjects:

English Language Arts (ELA) - Study Sync: StudySync, our ELA curriculum, is a comprehensive program designed to meet the diverse academic needs of today's students. Whether in print or online, StudySync engages every student, ensuring equal opportunities for success regardless of language proficiency, learning level, or socio-emotional abilities. Explore StudySync


Math - Go Math!: GO Math! provides a seamless and comprehensive path to help students access math content at appropriate levels of depth and rigor. With a wealth of resources both in the classroom and beyond, GO Math! equips students with the tools they need to embrace mathematics and succeed in high-stakes assessments. Discover GO Math!


Science - Discovery Education: Our Science curriculum, powered by Discovery Education, brings real-world, engaging educational content into the classroom. With resources from national partners like MythBusters, NBA, MLB, and more, Science Techbook for NGSS ensures that learning is exciting and relevant, creating lasting connections between science and everyday life. Explore Discovery Education


Social Studies - TCI - History Alive: TCI's History Alive! programs transform social studies into a dynamic learning experience. Beginning with essential questions, TCI lessons incorporate graphic notetaking, group work, and step-by-step discovery. By placing students at the center of instruction, TCI accommodates various learning styles, allowing every student to learn and succeed. Visit TCI - History Alive


Enrichment and AVID Program:

Elective Classes: TCA goes beyond the core curriculum by offering elective classes based on student interests. From coding and art to critical thinking and anime, our enrichment classes provide diverse opportunities for students to explore their passions.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination: This year marks TCA's first year as an AVID school. AVID, a non-profit organization, empowers educators to enhance college readiness, especially for students traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Explore our AVID page for more information on this transformative program.


Intervention Programs and Assessments:

Visit our pages dedicated to intervention programs and assessments to gain insights into the additional support we provide to ensure every student's success.

At TEAM Charter Academy, we are committed to nurturing a learning environment that prepares students not only for academic achievement but also for a future where they can thrive as informed, responsible, and compassionate leaders. Join us on this educational journey where excellence is not just encouraged but expected.