Parent Meetings

Parent Advisory Committee Information 2019-2020

The purpose of the Advisor Committee is to bring parents and staff together to accomplish goals that will enhance our school for the benefit of the children’s needs and to build on relations. 


  • Increase parent involvement 
  • Increase communication 
  • Plan family activities for the year
  • Stay up to date on the operations of the preschool 
  • Share ideas and suggestions 
  • Have a Parent representative for each class. 
Parent meetings will either be held at Main Street or Bianchi. An announcement will go out prior to the meeting on it's location.

2019-2020 Parent Advisory Committee Events and Meetings

First Quarter: July - September 2019

  • July 5th: Meeting*

-Preschool Policies

-Health & Safety

-Homework/ Curriculum

Second Quarter: October - December 2019

  • November 15th: Meeting*

-Behavior Policies/ Practices

-Parent Involvement

Third Quarter: January - March 2020

  • March 6th: Meeting*

-Parent/ Child Communication

Fourth Quarter: April - June 2020

  • May 15th: Meeting*

-How To Learn Through Play