Special Education Services

Dear TEAM Families,

The special education department at TEAM is dedicated to provide open communication for our students and families. We provide a variety of services to support students identified with having a disability, as outlined by their IEP. With a variety of student needs we strive to give students access to their least restrictive environment with necessary supports in place for them to access their educational environment. Below you will find resources for parents, teachers, and community members regarding special education. 

-K. Obispo, Director of Special Education

Effective July 1, 2022, TEAM joined the El Dorado Charter Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).  Please click the links below for more information.
Kurtis Obispo, Director of Special Education
Phone: 209-462-2281 ext. 1104
Julie Barsby, Admin. Secretary
for Special Education/TCS
Shannon Garrett, Resource Specialist (TCA)
Margaret Hughes,
Paraprofessional (TCA)
Andrea Padilla, Resource Specialist (TCS)
Paige Compo
Resource Specialist
Krystal Thongkham, Paraprofessional (TCS)
Carina Martinez, Paraprofessional (TCS)
Ashley Wolfson, Contracted OT
Lori Liddicoat, Contracted Licensed SLP
LC Education Contracted & Licensed, School Psychologist
Amanda Soto,
School Counselor
Davetta Jackson-Young,
Mental Health Clinician
Madeline Aguilera, SJCOE School Nurse
TEAM Charter School
Phone: 209-462-2282