Our Story

TEAM Charter School was originally founded in 2011 by Debbie Eison and Deborah Vallejo. TEAM was founded to provide an opportunity for students and families of all backgrounds to provide an alternative choice for families to meet the needs of the students wherever they may be.  Since the founding of TEAM, the school has focused on Social Justice. Everything is done with the principles of social justice in mind, especially equity. Our school is determined to meet the needs of our families and students, though they may not all be the same. TEAM’s mission is “to cultivate healthy bodies, minds and spirits based on compassion and love for all humanity.”
When TEAM first opened its doors, it had around 100 students from Kindergarten through 2nd grade, now TEAM has almost a thousand students enrolled. Beyond growing in student population size, TEAM has also opened a satellite elementary campus - Bianchi - a middle school, and a preschool program with classrooms at both elementary school campuses.